A special edition of hardcore tower defense strategy dedicated for Halloween already in Google Play!

ETD Halloween

 «So much time has passed since the invasion ... I feel that we became stronger and more cunning, and soon will break through the humanity’s last line of defense! But what is that? Why are these stupid people dressing up in costumes, collect candies and have fun. Don’t they understand that the end is near?! Argh! Why am I suddenly began to weaken? And why candies sprinkle from me? These pathetic people prepare some kind of conspiracy against me?  Do they really can win?»

Do not miss the opportunity to defeat Fatman and defend humanity during Halloween!

We will aid you in that!

From 28th of October to 9th on November we are announcing the Big Halloween Discount!

During this time you can purchase nanometals with big discounts!

Also there are many candies dropping from monster during Halloween!

Hurry up to save humanity and destroy the enemy until monsters dont become invincible!

Heart beat Games team wishes you a merry holiday and good Halloween!!


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